Say hi to Giulio Aprin. A classy half-italian guy. He is known for his charme and to be well-dressed in extravagantly surroundings. He is a true explorer, amazing photographer and storyteller. Giulio is a traveler who has visited some of the most stunning places on earth. We have asked him a couple of questions.

What is your characteristics?
“What I represent in social media: it’s a representation of a character. It’s the cinematic storytelling of an “actor” which is me taking people into his/my adventures. 

But as you should know never judge a book by its cover. Traveling as much as exploring the world are definitely part of my life, but I always encourage people to get to know me face to face. And there is no other way to know who I am if not meeting me. 

I like to use the social media to inspire or invite people to explore more the world, wherever it’s close or far away from them. I like to use my social media as platform to share my vision an my eye on photography.”

How would you like to inspire your followers?
“I’m not there to impress or influence anyone, just to share and encourage people. 
Many great feedbacks came with my 7 years of work on social media, many unexpected.”

Explain a typical day of yours.
“Computer, computer, computer!!”

What is the best thing being a content creator?
“About being a content creator the best things are being able to manage my time and being flexible, the hard part is having huge up and down with work meaning no Constance, for now at least. But it’s all part of the game.

The influencer marketing as its called unfortunately is full of really incompetent people, all sides creators, agencies and brands, which it makes it hard too.”

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