Influencer marketing
trends in 2020

Influencer marketing has grown over the last few years. And it has also suffered in some ways, but influencer marketing is here to stay.

It has become an important way of communicating between brands and their audience. Certain trends will presumably continue to grow and some will be new entrants. 

We have gathered the 6 most common influencer marketing trends for 2020. 

1) Video content will thrive 
It has been there for a while but it looks like video content will continue to thrive in 2020. Videos are incredibly popular with consumers. Influencers will make more audio and video content because it is clearly what their audience this year demand. 

2) Deeper connections and value-driven content
Some predictions say that in 2020 brands will need to collaborate with creators who match their values. So if brands would like to reach success and target their audience they need to incorporate their values as a part of a  marketing strategy.

This makes pairing with creators and their values very important. And brands will also be more determined to find influencers with similar values to themselves.

3) Celebrities will become less relevant for influencer campaigns 
Micro/macro influencers are optimal for highly engaged audiences. By this means being smaller has the advantage that people in a higher degree trust the influencer and see them as a more relatable frontline figure. 
In contrast to micro influencers mega influencers and celebrities with many followers have the opportunity to give brands a higher coverage. But this coverage has a risk of less engaged audience. 
In 2020 it is predicted that using both of these terms in conjunction will be the best solution and the most effective.

4) Long-term influencer relationships will become the norm in 2020
… Rather than contracting on a campaign by campaign basis. 
With this we mean that the relationships between influencer and creator has to grow stronger and it is no longer modern to choose influencers every time you make a campaign.

5) Authentic content
In these days people would like to see authenticity in content. Content that combines professionalism with real life personality is the key. Some call it “the no-edit edit”. It means content with natural filters is continuously trending this year as well. So we will still see the hashtag #nofilter, where there is only applied subtle filters or edits in the photo to create an unedited content.

6) Less focus on likes
Instagram has decided to hide the number of likes on posts in several contries. They would like to remove pressure on the users. Instead they would like to emphasize with the idea that content is based on sharing what you love and people/brands has to focus more on telling their story.

But is could be a possible disadvantage for the business. The number of likes is also the way to put value on a post for the business side of Instagram.

Maybe 2020 will be the year that your business gets involved with influencers or involves them in a new perspective. It is always a good idea to make sure you are updated on the latest trends so the business technology, platforms and the content adjusts these trends.