Influencers have
an impact on

At New York Fashion Week many brands really try stealing some of the spot-light from the runways with the use of influencer marketing. But does it has any negative impact in the relationship between brands and publishers? And how the Fashion Week extend in the media?

Influencer marketing is stil in an increasing popularity. And of course influencers entered the front row at New York Fashion Week. Influencers have some certain possibilities and benefits that regular press does not, and to an extend they decide the content. Or their followers on social media do. They interact and update their audience immediately and continuously. In that point of view they differ from the traditional media and press. The influencers can make a personal perspective through their own storylines at the New York Fashion Week. Especially stories on instagram have great immediate reach. 

A lot of the influencers also have a brand to represent. And when you are at a Fashion week as in New York you can easily get attention by rocking new clothes. Take a look at our stunning influencer and model Line Brems. She is authentic and reliable in many ways. She creates value to fashion brands because of her personal profile. 

Today the impact of fashion influencers on fashion weeks around the world is undeniable. And it is difficult for the news media to compete with influencer marketing wether they like it or not.