Instagram experimenting
with hiding likes

We want your followers to focus on what you share, not how many likes your post get. During this test, only the person who shares a post will see the total number of likes it gets”.
This is how Instagram is describing a small potential change in their design. But is this change that small after all, and how might it affect the influencers and companies? 

We all know the feeling we get when getting likes on a post from our vacation we just went on. The more likes we get, the more happiness and satisfaction we feel. But when we don’t get the right amount of likes, it might feel like a punch in the stomach.

During the years Instagram has been active, especially young people are beginning to feel a big pressure to achieve a big amount of likes.
The more likes the more status and popularity you get.

This also works the other way around, the less likes, the less popular you might seem.  
So if we look a popularity and status, the new prototype of Instagram is a really good idea, and it might minimise the pressure on young people.

Hidden likes in business related eyes

If we look at the prototype with business related eyes, the idea of hidden likes might have a different effect. 

The more likes a post might have, the more likely people are to interact with the certain post or the person who posted the picture or video. 
Due to the fact that we tend to like different posts that already have a lot of likes, then try to imagine being an influencer who actually depend on interaction with their posts. And then try to imagine how hidden likes will affect their job.

When hiding their engagement on their posts on Instagram influencers might find it more difficult getting deals with companies.  

Normally all the companies want to see the certain influencer’s engagement before making a deal with them. And because of the hidden likes, it can be difficult for the company to see the engagement because of the lack of “insights”. 

As mentioned before in an earlier blog post, “Why influencer marketing has become this popular”, we as consumers tend to look for brands, seek advice and recommendations on Instagram. And if we can’t see how popular the different products we are searching for are, then we might seek elsewhere.
In that way some of the companies might loose customers due to the hidden likes.