Why influencer marketing
has become this popular

Let’s face it, old school traditional marketing like TV and radio commercials are not as effective as they used to be. In general that means that brands need to focus more on their target group and where they are spending their time.

Due to the fact that social media has become a more integrated part of our daily life during the last couple of years, influencer marketing has made its mark on most business’ marketing plans.

Studies have been showing that influencer marketing has become the fastest growing and cost-effective channel beating channels like paid search and organic search etc.

This table shows that influencer marketing is the fastest growing channel.
Data: Tomoson

Now I will tell you some of the reasons why influencer marketing has become this popular.

High credibility

Nowadays consumers rely more on trust than traditional commercials where celebrities are paid to speak from a script. In that case, most of us can probably identify ourselves with the fact that consumers are more likely to seek advice and recommendations among friends and like-minded, when it comes to purchasing decision. This is one of the reasons why it’s worth to consider if influencer marketing could be the right thing for your brand.

Reach target groups easily

The benefits of influencer marketing are countless and below I will talk about some of them.

First of all, you can easily reach out to a specific target group in a more effective way than with traditional commercials. When you are aware of which segment you want to reach — gender, age, location, etc., the whole research for the perfect influencer is about to begin. In that case it’s important to choose wisely. You have to look at the influencer’s engagement rate and univers to see if his or her audience is matching your needs. With the right influencer you will experience paying less than traditional commercials and seeing better results.

Due to the fact that you easily can reach out to the exact target group you want, influencer marketing is more cost effective than traditional marketing.

This table shows the cost per thousand impressions (CPM).
Data: LYFE marketing

This table shows the cost per thousand impressions (CPM). In this case it is shown that social media has the lowest cost when it comes to reaching 1000 people.

A better ROI than traditional marketing

Furthermore the best part about influencer marketing, is that it provides a better ROI than traditional marketing. Some studies have been showing that businesses earn about $6.50 for each dollar spent on influencers. Using influencer marketing will also help you provide better awareness about your brand and products, which in the end will benefit your brand in many ways, like gaining more impressions, engagement etc. Actually consumers who use social media tend to spread the word about your brand to friends and family and the consumers also tend to spend more money on your brand.

On that behalf it is worth considering if influencer marketing would be effective for your brand and your future marketing plan.